Horse riding

You love to explore a the countryside on the back of a horse? A very special hobby for special people! We offer everything that horse-lovers might need.

High class and exclusive conditions fort  the accommodation of your own horse 5 star stables by Röwer & Rüb in combination with the perfect conditions for horses offer a unique experience. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a beginner. Our professional riding instructors are happy to explain you everything that is of importance, so you can enjoy happy hours on the back of a horse.

We offer the possibility of riding one of our 14 Freiberger horses. The Freiberger are special and precious horses and have their origins in Switzerland. This race can be traced till the 15th century. Because of a strong character and a strong binding to humans, the Freiberger horses are perfect family horses. They are very multifaceted and eager to learn, which makes them the ideal leisure horsesd.

Ride over the rolling hills of Somogy and enjoy the beautiful and jaunty hours.

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